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5 beautiful beaches in Israel


Israel’s coast has a huge variety of beaches, here are five beautiful beaches in five different areas.

Aqueduct Beach, Ceaserea – Raw and untouched

This place is one of my personal favorites. The beach is a part of the Caesarea National Park. Although this beach cannot be considered a typical holiday beach, it does not have toilets, restaurants and so on, we love coming here because of its natural look, the clear blue water, and the fact that there are rarely a lot of people. When traveling to Aquaduct beach, we bring lunch, enough water, toilet paper, and enough sunscreen, and that’s all we need to enjoy our day at this stunning beach.
The Aqueduct that runs alongside the beach line gives this beach a spectacular look and also gives you the possibility to seek the shade if the sun gets too hot.


Banana beach, Tel Aviv – Sentral beach

Tel Aviv’s coastline is full of gorgeous beaches, and there is a lot to choose between.  The promenade along Tel Aviv’s beachline has a huge variety of restaurants, cafes. There are also plenty of playgrounds, workout stations, bicycle and scooter rentals, showers, volleyball and tennis courts.  So no matter which beach you choose, you will have all you need for a perfect day. We often stay at Banana beach because of its central location, because some of us don’t have the patience to sunbath the whole day, and we at some point have to move around.
A 20-minute walk to the south will lead you to the ancient city of Jaffa. If you continue up the peek, you will see the most stunning view over Tel Aviv.
The promenade has a great selection of restaurants, pubs, and cafes. If you want to see more of Tel Aviv, jump on a rental bike or scooter, and in a couple of minutes, you will arrive at the heart of Tel-Aviv.


Hasharon Beach, Herzliya – Ultimate holiday beach

With a diversity of restaurants along the promenade, playgrounds for the children, workout stations, chair and parasol rentals, showers and toilets, this beach has all you need for the perfect beach day. The end of the beach has a stunning and dramatic landscape, that is perfect for a romantic walk into the sunset.


Habonim Beach, South of Haifa – For the explorers

If you are not the sunbathing for hours kind of type, and in need of more adventure, HaBonim Beach is the right place for you. It is located in a nature reserve, and you will find more than just nice sand. This beach is perfect for snorkeling, diving, and cliff jumping. There are both hidden underwater caves, beautiful cliff formations above and under water, and a sunken ship. Although, be aware that there are no facilities such as toilets, showers or restaurants close by, so bring whatever you may need for your stay.


Achziv Beach, Naharia – For the glampers

Glamping is available at this beautiful place and is located just a couple of meters from the beach. Why not see the sunset and sunrise from your very own tent? This beach is located in the Northern part of Israel, and at the northern end of the beach lies Achziv National Park where you can find a lot of history and ancient buildings. The beach itself has many different sections, both sand, cliffs and natural swimming pool shaped in the rocks. When renting a tent for a couple of days, you have plenty of things to explore without having to leave the beach.


Find your way to these beaches here.


Birgitte Eisenberg

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