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We are a family of three: Ariel, Birgitte and Sela.

Ariel grew up in Israel. As a 10-year-old boy, he moved to Denmark with his family. Birgitte grew up in Stord, an island on the west coast of Norway.

We got married in the summer of 2016, in Copenhagen. One year later we took the decision to move to Israel. January 2018 we got on the plain, with a “oneway” ticket. We have settled down in Amirim – a little, cosy village in the mountains of Galilee, in North-Israel.

We both grew up in believing families, and are active members of “Brunstad Christian Church”. The upbringing and education we have received there form the foundation of how we live our lives. We believe in God and his perfect guidance.

Our intention with this blog is to enlighten, edify, explain and share experiences and stories from this amazing, terrible, beautiful and chaotic country.

“Labriooot” (pronounced La-Bri-ut) is Hebrew, meaning “for your health”. It is used as an everyday blessing in different situations, fx. when someone sneezes. We hope that the content of this blog can be “for the good health" of all our readers.

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