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Amirim, best place to stay in North Israel



“We found Amirim on Google Maps and started looking around for apartments for rental. Little did we know that the place we would call home, also was a hidden pearl in the Galilea”

Accommodation, restaurants, and attractions in the popular village, Amirim.
Amirim is a village, spread along a mountainside in Galilea, with a view of the Galilea Sea. With a wide offer of accommodations, amazing nature and local food experiences, Amirim continues to be a popular destination for both Israelis and tourists. Amirim was established 60 years ago, and it´s 600 residents have a vegetarian lifestyle where nature and organic food plays a big part of their daily life.

“We wanted to live near to our closest friends, that live 15 minutes by car from Amirim. Simultaneously, we also wanted to live central in the district. With a thirty minutes drive to the Sea of Galilea, and forty minutes to the coast and the Mediterranean sea, it couldn’t get much better. Amirim isn’t just a place to live, it’s a gathering point for Israelis in North Israel.”

The first thing that meets you at the entrance of Amirim is a big sign, showing all the things the village has to offer. Healing, spa, art galleries, bakery, cafés, lookout points, second hand shops, the list is long. The residents have made room for everyone, also when it comes to religion. We have met warm and helpful people who love new acquaintances, and it seems like the whole society is intent to help and take care of each other.

Israelis that visit Amirim, often come to get away from a hectic everyday in the big cities. They rent an apartment, and seek out to the amazing nature that lies in the surrounding areas of Amirim.

A place to stay, a place to be
Many people in Amirim have opened up their homes for visitors. Some have built small cottages in the forest, others have built an extra floor on top of their house. You will always find a place to stay in Amirim. At airbnb.com you will get a complete overlook over the alternatives. There are apartments in all the price ranges, and nearly everyone will have a view of Galilea included in the prize.

Food experiences
At Helen’s Café you can buy Swedish cinnamon buns and apple cake, enjoy it outside in her idyllic garden, or inside the café where her very own art decorates the walls. Helen also runs an art gallery where different artists in Amirim sell their work. You can find jewelry, ceramics and mosaic among other things. Visit Helen on Facebook.

At the café Bait77, you’ll be served organic salads, pizzas, banana muffins among other things, and of course a good cup of coffee. The café also has a gallery where they sell art, handmade natural toys for kids and organic foods. Read more about Bait77.

Are you more of a hummus person, go visit Place of Yishay and taste his hummus with homemade pita bread and falafel.

What can I do in Amirim?

    • The pool: In the hot summer months, you can enjoy the well kept swimming pool. The children have their very own mini pool, and the lifeguards make sure everyone is safe. The pool has its own wardrobes, showers and a kiosk.
    • Rent a jeep: Take your family or your friends out for a day trip and experience the local areas in the mountains of Galilee. Call them on: +972 050-5316140.
    • Sports facilities: Are you more of the sporty type, enjoy the sport facilities located next to the swimming pool. You can play both soccer, volleyball, basketball, and tennis.
    • Hiking:  The Galilea is known for its many and spectacular hiking trails, and some of them are to be found in the surrounding areas of Amirim. You can find hiking trails with running water in Farod, Amud and Upper Zalmon. Inside Amirim you’ll find an exiting trail, leading you up the mountain where you can find caves and stunning views.
      Meron Nature Reserve is located a short drive from Amirim. Meron mountain is Israel’s highest peak within the green line, with it’s 1208m above sea level.
    • Wine yards: You will find some of Israel’s finest wine yards in the Galilea. A twenty-minute drive from Amirim lies Adir Winery. Here you can get both wine and a high-class breakfast meal with homemade cheese made of goat milk.

Are you going to travel in Israel and looking for an cultural experience, we recommend taking a trip to North Israel. Get away from the busy streets, the loud cities and experience Israels most stunning nature and charming communities. Welcome to Amirim! 

Read more about Amirim.

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Birgitte Eisenberg


  1. Ayala Peretz
    July 15, 2019 at 12:38 am

    I have been living vegan and natural (i.e. using plants to wash my hair) for many years, and working in different countries. I have never thought I would find a place like this in Israel.
    I am vegan as well as observing Shabbat and Yom Tovim. I would love to live in Amirim. I am returning within a few months, after having been working 10 years abroad.
    What are my options living and finding work and making a living in Amirim?
    Ayala Peretz

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