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Are you scared?


A friend of mine from Norway recently asked me if I feel scared in Israel. She had read an article in a Norwegian newspaper, spreading a message from Hizbollah members in South Lebanon. The article left a really bad taste of Israel, concluding that a new war might break out at any moment.

I am sad and distressed, that the reality and the truth can be so tragically overtrumped and corrupted, and published for a whole nation to believe. But I do not wish to interfere in this heavy debated conflict, – I would just like to answer my friends questions.

People in Israel should have more to fear, than most people elsewhere. There’s aggressive and hostile powers both inside and outside the country borders. This country is dealing with enemies and terror on a daily basis. Still, I can’t sense fear anywhere.
I see happy, free and content people everywhere I go. I spend my days with other mums who carelessly have nice picnics in the park, while talking about what their children might work as when they grow up. They talk about moving further north, where the air is cooler, and the nature more beautiful. They talk of wanting more babies, big families. There is no fear that limits their hopes and dreams. No fear that would effect their lives. And that reminds me of a decision I had to make years ago.

In 2013 I received a phone call from my mom. Doctors had found a cancer tumor in her stomach. That same evening, sad and worried thoughts rushed around in my head. I had to make a decision to trust in God. To trust him with all of the sad, all the worry. All the things I could not control or understand. Trust that He has care for me, for my life and the ones I care about. That He will care for me, and nothing of what I will meet in my life is just random coincidences. Having this faith, has given me a tremendous comfort in my life. I have held on to this faith, and I will continue to hold on to it.

How can I be so sure that God will do this for me? I have felt His care and love for me. He has given me a loving and caring family and friends. He has given me my husband, who is my soulmate and perfect fit, and I’m endlessly thankful for him. God has given me my Sela, our beautiful baby boy that brings us so much joy. God has given me His strength in situations, where my own strength ceased. He has guided me in difficult decisions and filled my heart with peace when there would be storms around me. I also experience His care for me in small everyday situations, when I have prayed for help in small practical matters, He has given it to me, again and again. Eventually, it becomes completely natural to put your trust in God and to trust that He has control over the things you cannot. It is a wonderful life to live, trusting God completely!

I have not once feared for my life after moving to Israel. But I have been scared. It was two days after Sela was born. I was holding him in my arms, and fear gripped me. A fear for his life, his future here in Israel. A fear of my capability to take care of him and raise him.
And again, I had to remind myself of what God has done for me in my life, and that he would not just leave my side in this new task. That I would only manage this great task, with His help.

Fear was a new area for us after we came to Israel. We never had to discuss or decide on matters like possible new wars, missile warnings, where our bomb shelter was etc. It is completely normal matters for Israelis to talk about and to be aware of.
We decided shortly after we arrived in Israel, that we would never let fear into our hearts or in our home. We agreed to be persistent when thoughts of fear would come up, and chase them away with a firm belief in God’s love for us.

And until this day, we have felt safe. We feel we have nothing to fear, because the Greatest God, is our God. And that God takes care of the ones who love Him.


Birgitte Eisenberg


  1. Claudia M. Geels
    February 10, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    Thank you so much, Brigitte,
    That was such a powerful testimony of faith.
    It touched me deeply. I want to grip more faith in my battle at school with ‘difficult’ children to trust God that He will never leave me, even if I feel such a huge lack of wisdom.

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