Ariel´s Hummus recipe


Ariel´s Hummus
4 servings

300g chickpeas
2 tbs olive oil
3 tbs 100% tahini
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp paprika
1 tsp cumin
2 big garlic cloves
2 tbs fresh lemon juice
1/4 tsp black pepper
Fresh parsley

Step 1: Wash the chickpeas and put them in a bowl with water, cover them and let them soak for 12 hours.

Step 2: Put the chickpeas and the water in a pot, add more water until you have 2/3 more water than chickpeas.
Boil with lid on medium heat for 1,5 – 2 hours. The chickpeas are ready when they are easily smashed between your fingers.
In the first 10 minutes, remove the foam that appears on the surface.

After the chickpeas are boiled, some prefer to remove the shell form the chickpeas, you can see them floating on the surface. This is very time consuming, but result is a more smooth and creamy hummus.

Step 3: Important: Save the water, the chickpeas have been boiled in. Divide the water and the chickpeas.
Mix the chickpeas together in a food processor, with tahini and olive oil.
Add the leftover water, until you have a smooth creamy batter. It should not be too watery.

Step 4: Add paprika, salt, cumin, garlic cloves, pepper and lemon juice. Mix and feel free to add more of the spices if needed.

Step 5: Place the desired amount of hummus on a plate and with a spoon, make a hole in the middle and fill with olive oil. Drizzle with parsley, zaatar if available (middle eastern spice) and a little paprika.

Serve the hummus while it’s warm, accompanied by pita bread, olives, pickled cucumber, fresh onions, and tomatoes.

Bon appetite, or as we say in Hebrew; be tea’avoon!




Birgitte Eisenberg

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