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Motorcross in the Israeli desert



Four of our friends from Norway, flew to Israel to see the desert on Motorcross bikes.
Kristian, Nicklas, Sander, and Oscar started their six-day trip in the desert in the South, with a two-day guided motor-cross trip. On their way to northern Israel, they made a pit stop in Jerusalem and their trip ended with a dip in the Dead Sea and a visit in Amirim.

“When we saw that Norwegian had opened a new route to Tel Aviv, we found a weekend that suited all of us, and we just booked. We flew from Oslo Gardermoen, a direct flight to Tel Aviv that took 5 hours. Even though two of us had been to Israel before, the country is too interesting to not go again.”

A cheap and flexible alternative
Airbnb is a company that has an online marketplace with accommodations, experiences and recommended restaurants worldwide. When traveling on a budget, Airbnb is the obvious choice, and it is also surprisingly flexible if you change your plans while traveling. We use Airbnb all the time, and we have often booked 2-3 hours before we leave.

“We used Airbnb throughout the whole trip, with some research, you won´t have any problems. But we do recommend reading the reviews before you book. What helped us while planning the trip, was drawing a map, with a timeline and then we added events along the timeline. This way we got a good overview and it was easier to book apartments and the things we wanted to do.”

The Israeli desert
The Negev Desert in Israel covers over half of the land area of Israel. If you want to travel in the desert, the recommendation is to travel with a guide or on a tour expedition. Kristian booked their trip through Israel Motor Adventures.

“The days we had in the desert were amazing. We thought we were quite difficult to satisfy, but the whole experience was surprisingly good. We all thought it was worth every penny. For 2500 shekel, you get a bed to sleep in, food, guides and motorbikes.

Other travelers recommendations
Tripadvisor has many similarities to Airbnb, but while Airbnb mostly rents private homes, TripAdvisor collaborates with hotels and hostels. TripAdvisor is also known to have the best feature of finding good restaurants and cafés. TripAdvisor uses reviews and recommendations from other travelers, and it’s the perfect tool to plan every detail of your trip.

“We ate a lot of different things while we were there, we used TripAdvisor to find the best places, they have a well functioning app, that quickly shows you the best cafés and restaurants in the area you find yourself in, which worked really well, and we got to eat some good food.

We strongly recommend traveling in Israel. It’s not only the exciting history, but it’s a perfect place to go for a holiday, you have desert, beach, city, mountains, what more can you ask for?”


Birgitte Eisenberg

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