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Our favorite time of the year


Our absolute favorite time of the year is in the beginning of April until the end of May. We live in Northern Israel and we have a lot of rain in the winter. In between weeks with rain, we get some sunny days, but the rain always keeps coming back. When April arrives, the temperatures rise, and everything starts to grow. We still have days with rain, but the sunny days surpasses the rainy days. The trees are filled with life, birds are singing and the grass starts to grow.

The flowers start blossoming. The fields are yellow, pink and white, and the air is filled with hundreds of different fragrances of spring.

To understand why this time of year is so refreshing, you have to know what the summer is like.
After June, it will most likely not rain again before October. The air is dry, filled with dust and sand, and the ground slowly dries up.
You are constantly sweating and the air-condition becomes your best friend. It was a strange situation to have to get used to, seeing the blue sky and bright sun outside my window, but not wanting to go outside. The sun eventually turns into an annoying headache that you constantly have to escape.
Even going to the beach in the middle of the summer can be a painful experience. If you are very unlucky, the winds stands still, and the water will be too warm to cool you down.
In the hot summer months, Israelis try to avoid going outside in midday. If they do, a sunhat, sunscreen, and enough water is an absolute must.

April/May is considered off-season in Israel. The temperatures can vary from 16 til 25 degrees, depending on where you are.
Many Israelis use this time of year to take their families out for hikes, camping trips, and picnics. The sun is not too strong, there is water in the rivers and the tourist attractions are not overfilled.

This time of year, the weather gives you the ultimate beach conditions. The water is cooling and soft winds give you a nice break from the sun. The beaches are not crowded, and there is plenty of parking places. Israelis don’t consider 20-24 degrees as summer degrees, so not many people take to the beach. We went to the beach at the beginning of March, it was 22 degrees and we were the only ones there. We had a good time with all the strange looks we got from people passing by who probably thought; “what are they doing there in their swimsuits in the middle of winter?”.

It’s a good time to travel all around Israel, including the desert. A festival called Darom Adom (“Red South”) is held in the northern desert this time of year. The name comes from the beautiful red anemones that cover the fields.

There are countless destinations that are worth seeing in Israel, but our strong recommendation is experiencing the Galilee in full bloom.
The hiking routes, the vineyards, the fruit plantations and the stunning views you will find around every turn. Many don’t realize what a hidden pearl the Galilee is before they take the time to explore it. What are you waiting for?



Birgitte Eisenberg

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