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What if?


We just returned from our long-awaited holiday in Norway. Ten amazing days at the annual summer conference of BCC (Brunstad Christian Church) was just what we needed. Words can’t describe how good it was to spend time with family and friends from all over the world, who share the same faith as we. It was like being in heaven for a short visit – and suddenly it was over.

Back to Israel and our humble everyday life. As everything around me was quiet again, it became clear to me what believing in God really means, and how it affects my life. It is not just a social status one can use to make the others think better of you. Believing in God and His Son, means for me, that I can and will be transformed into a new person,- a better person.

I have noticed that I have a great tendency to think thoughts that starts with “what if…”. What if we don’t catch our flight. What if a scorpion stings Sela in the night. What if they don’t understand me. What if there’s no parking place. What if a war breaks out. There are endless situations where my mindset is automatically set on a doubtful channel, where I easily can become stressed. These thoughts build up an expectation that something will go wrong – or not “as it should go”. The great news for me is that it is possible to receive a totally different mindset that makes life so much easier!


Believing in God, for me, means to not believe in myself. Believing in God also means believing in His power. Believing in His love for me,- in His plan for me. Yes, He does have a plan for me and my life, and that is a much better plan than I can try to put together myself.
When trusting in God’s plan, nothing will ever be a coincidence. Everything will be from God, no matter what I feel or think. That’s how he can transform me into the person He wants me to become.

Also in the small daily situations, His plan for me is that I can be happy, with peace in my heart and be able to do the things I’m meant to do. Even though it might seem small and meaningless. When seeking Him, He will meet me in these situations. I can also let go of thoughts like; “If only..”. If only things were different. If only I had more friends and family close by. If only we had a bigger house. If only we had more money.

During the summer conference, a song was played for the children during one of the meetings. The lyrics goes like this:

“Think that He knew about me before I was born, He knows me and knows of all the things that I have met. I can put my future safely in His hands, and everything I own, abilities and power, I can give to Him.”

Believing in God also means to trust that He sees me! Trust that where I am now, is exactly where I should be and that He will see to that I have all the things that we need! I might think I need more or different things than what I have, but if I really look deeper, it is possible to be 100% satisfied with what I have.

There is no reason for me to speculate on what will happen tomorrow or in the future. When negative thoughts of hesitation and doubt try to occupy my mind, I can remind myself that I believe in God. Doing this has been the key for me to change this “what if” mindset.
Fighting off doubtful thoughts with firm faith in God makes me so endlessly happy, and as time passes, it becomes my mindset. Imagine starting every day with a mindset that knows that nothing will be too hard or too difficult. It will be exactly as God has planned, I can look forward to all the things He will teach me that day. That makes me happy, and I can walk towards my situations without fear!

In Psalms 18, David writes; “For You cause my lamp to be lighted and to shine; the Lord my God illumines my darkness. – As for God, His way is perfect! The word of the Lord is tested and tried; He is a shield to all those who take refuge end put their trust in Him.”

I am so excited that I get to walk with God by my side, the rest of my life, without using time on “what if” and “if only”. I can walk into challenges with a high spirit because I trust my God and his power.


Birgitte Eisenberg

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